Can't sort in-text citation by year despite changing it in the preferences

Alessandra M. shared this question 19 months ago
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I'm using Citavi Free 6.10.0 and I am writing in MS Word (Win10).

Whenever I have multiple in-text citations, I would like them to be sorted by year, so that the oldest publication is first and the youngest comes last. They stay in the order I added them in.

From the Citation Style Editor I went to the Citation Style Properties > Multiple References > Sorting and ticked "Author, year (ascending), title". I clicked OK, then click save on the next window and I'd expect it would make the changes but it doesn't. I played around a bit and no matter what changes I make seem to change how the references are sorted in Word. I clicked refresh in Word and even restarted Citavi altogether but no dice. (And yep, I have double-checked whether I am using the correct citation style, too.)

I'd appreciate some help as I need to submit my thesis next week :-)



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