After latest Update, Adding multiple Pdf files causes citavi to show empty pdf pages

Al G. shared this question 18 months ago
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Hope you are doing well.

After latest Update, adding multiple pdf files as new sources causes citavi to show empty pdf pages. Restarting citavi (all instances of it) resolves the problem but it occured multiple times and this is quite annoying.

Thanks for all your efforts

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I faced another problem/error of not being able to save the added references and I was obliged to force shutdown citavi and restart it. Adding the references by dragging pdf files caused the same error again, so I imported the folder from the file menu and this worked ok but the pdf files were blank so I needed to restart Citavi to be able to read them.

Another problem that happened more than twice after updating was not being able to open multiple citavi projects at the same time. The project gives the screen of loading and it disappears without opening. When I close all projects and reopen again the targeted project, it opens normally.

I uninstalled the latest version and trying the 6.8 version to check if the problems persist.

Citavi is an excellent and stable software and I really appreciate all your efforts. But it is the first time for me to have problems in the main citavi programs after update (previous issues were mainly in word add-in).

Thanks for your concern and sorry for disturbance.


Hi Al,

Thanks for letting us know about the issues.

Does this also happen with Citavi 6.8?

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Thanks Jana for your concern..After downgrading from version 6.10 to version 6.8, the following problems did not happen again till now:

-not being able to open more than 3 projects at the same time

-adding multiple pdfs to citavi by drag and drop method caused citavi to crash sometimes without saving and/or show refences with blank pages that require restart to show content correctly

These problems only occured in version 6.10

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