PDF Previewer Shortcuts for Ergonomics and Speed

Alex S. shared this idea 18 months ago
Under Consideration

Just two recommendations for people who try to speed-read and annotate PDFs...

1. Triple click to automatically select a whole sentence. As usual, double clicking will select a whole word, but most of the time you need to select whole sentences. By adding a triple click, you can easily select and save literal seconds which will add up over many PDFs. Ergonomically, this will also save a lot of wrist and arm movement.

2. Setup hotkeys to be ergonomic instead of based on button label.

Some examples...

  • Keep "Highlight in Red" as Q
  • Swap "Highlight" from Y to W
  • Swap "Direct Quotation" from D to A
  • Swap "Indirect Quotation" from F to S
  • Swap "Comment" from C to D

The ergonomics can follow the order along the top toolbar (as a visual cue) and almost more importantly, there will be minimum wrist and arm movement which benefit the users in both speed and comfort. Try it yourself! This is especially natural when you consider how many people may have played video games in the past (e.g., WASD layout).

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