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Gherasim S. shared this idea 22 months ago


Using Citavi is extremely challenging every time.

Could you make possible to copy part of the quotation text which appear in the Citavi Pane (word add-on) to Word Document, without inserting citation? Now we can just select it.

And a problem:

If I have a word document opened, assigned to a Citavi project, and after that I insert a reference or a quotation in Citavi, this new informations doesn't update in the Citavi Pane until I restart de document. And this is very annoying. Could you fix it? (some times it's updating, but very rare)



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Hello Gherasim,

Thanks for your message.

1) To only insert the text of a knowledge item and not its references, please choose "Insert advance" > "Bibliography entry: Add to bibliography only".

2) Pelase reload your project in Word:

Kind regards,



Thank you.

For the first point, I would like to copy just a few words of the citation. Because if the Citation is long, and I insert it as you say, I have to delete a lot of text after that.

Anyway, If is not possible, I have to be resign.

Good day,


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