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I have raised this issue before accidentally in the German section but it was not solved so I am reposting to search if there are any suggestions.

I have recently installed docx manager (a software that enables dividing long word documents to shorter ones and generate websites as well). All other MSWord add-ins seem to work fine except for citavi. The Citavi add-in does not work even after rechecking the options in word add ins and templates. It works just fine in MS word when opened normally.

I know the issue might not currently be a general one but I wish if you can provide me with any guidance as both programs are quite useful and their integration (with MsWord) will be really helpful and may partially solve the issues faced by scrivener users (and those with similar needs) by providing an alternative for splitting and combining large documents within MS-word.

For now, a partial work around is using citavi with writing outliner (predecessor of docxmanager). After completely finishing the project, I can export it to docxmanager if I need to publish it as a website. Still solving the issue of citavi and docxmanager will be a great addition for both programs. Writing outliner and docxmanager both enable authors to divide writing processes into a project of sub-documents and sub-sub documents. This is usually required in phases of writing drafts or in cases of quite lengthy documents (books, dissertations..etc) to avoid MS-Word mal-performance. These are quite important issues to solve for Citavi (and generally Msword) users as well. I know there are other priorities for developers of both software, but it will be really helpful if it is possible to solve the compatibility issue.

In all cases, thanks for all your efforts and great software

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