Changing a/b in publication by same author in one journal

Pablo A. shared this question 23 months ago

I am citing 2 pieces by the same author from a forum held in a journal.

Pun, Ngai. 2020. “The New Chinese Working Class in Struggle.” Dialectical Anthropology 44 (4): 319–29.

Pun, Ngai. 2020. “Reply to the Forum Commentaries on the Article, “The New Chinese Working Class in Struggle”.” Dialectical Anthropology 44 (4): 349–53.

As you can see, the article "The New Chinese..." goes earlier in the publication than the Reply. However, when I add the citations in the text, the former appears as "b" and the latter as "a", following title order instead of pages. This produces an awkward (Pun 2020b; 2020a).

I would like to have this reverted, following the page numbers, but I can't figure out how.

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Hi Pablo,

Thanks for your question.

It's completely normal to see the letters out of order in your text. The letters are assigned according to where a source appears in the bibliography. For example, you might have a reference by Miller from 2009 with the title "Apples are amazing" and one from the same author and same year with the title "Bananas are better." If you cite "Bananas are better" before "Apples are amazing" in your text, you will see the reference (Miller 2009b) before you see (Miller 2009a). In your bibliography, the order will be logically correct and Miller 2009a will correspond to the title that comes first alphabetically ("Apples are amazing"). If this wasn't the case it could be difficult for your reader to find the corresponding reference in your bibliography, since the letters wouldn't be in alphabetical order.

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