Citavi uses the default IE 11 which is no longer supported by several websites including Scopus.

Yousef H. shared this problem 16 months ago

When I try to open references from Scopus in the built in preview pane, I get this error

"Scopus no longer supports Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) or lower"

Even Microsoft announced the end of life for IE 11 which means increased security risks, so is there a reason it's still being used by Citavi?

This problem has been ongoing for months now and according to this comment last year, it is a known problem but despite having the latest version installed (Citavi 6.8) it doesn't seem to be resolved. Are there any updates regarding this issue?

I am aware of the open in Firefox option but that diminishes the benefits of using Citavi.

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Hi Yousef,

Thanks for your message.

Yes, we know about the issue with our integrated IE instance in Citavi. We are planning to change it to Edge but won't be able to do this before the release of Citavi Web.

Thanks for your patience.

Kind regards,


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