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When I set the rule for some references „do not add to bibliography”, in the bibliography remains numbers unseen.

For ex:

2 „Euchologion-ul Barberini graecus 336”, în: Diac. Ioan I. Ică jr. (ed.), Canonul Ortodoxiei. Canonul Apostolic al primelor secole, Deisis, Sibiu, 2008, pp. 909–1032.

3 Les Constitutions Apostoliques, introduction, texte critique, traduction et notes: Marcel Metzger, coll. Sources Chrétiennes 320, 329, 336, Cerf, Paris, 1985, 1986, 1987.

5 Abraham, William J., Canon and criterion in Christian theology. From the fathers to feminism, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1998.

6 Alexopoulos, Stefanos, „Initiation of Adults in Greece Today: Challenges and Suggestions”, în: Šimon Marinčák (ed.), Sväté Tajomstvá na Krestanskom Vychode, Michael Lacko Center, Košice, 2008, pp. 145–158.

9 Sf. Ambrozie al Mediolanului, De Sacrements. în: Idem, De Sacrements. Des Mystères, coll. Sources Chrétiennes 25, Cerf, Paris, 1950.

12 Baerwald, Jeffrey P. S.J., „Mystagogy”, în: Peter E. Fink (ed.), The New dictionary of sacramental worship, The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, 1990, pp. 881–883.

I need to mentain the consecutive order of the numbers. Where can I set this, if it is possible?

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Hi Sok,

Thanks for your questions.

This is by design, because the reference number of these references may not be reassigned to other references. Therefore, the option "Do not add to bibliography" should not be used with reference number styles.

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