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Elin D. shared this idea 2 years ago
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I would like to see a comments-pane on the left side of my PDF-document as I am working in Citavi. I am aware that I can add comments, and that I can filter on comments. But sometimes you just want to jot down stuff as you read. Not necessarily save them as a knowledge item, but keep off-hand remarks, shorthand codes, etc. and keep them where you are looking at the text they are about (as you would when you write notes in the margins of a book!). And that means the comments have to scroll with the scrolling of the document. To me these 'margin notes' are different than knowledge items. Can I have a Margin Notes-Pane please? :)

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Thank you for your suggestion. This request is already on our internal wish list for our developers. Unfortunately, we can not yet say whether or when we can implement this.

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