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I am facing a problem in pasting references in word from citavi. When I choose "copy formatted reference" from citavi and paste it in word, the text is reversed. When I paste in other programs, the order is kept and I can re-paste correctly in word.

I am using the latest version of citavi and msword 2013

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What settings do you have in Word here:


Is there a particular reason why you don't insert the reference with the Word add-in?

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Thanks dear Lee for your rapid reply.

I use copy and paste in cases of getting references from multiple projects. I believe many users do the same in such cases. When I tried the citavi word add-in, it works fine (the order of letters is ok). But I believe there are cases that require simply copying formatted reference and pasting it directly in word.

Your suggested solution partially worked when I adjusted the option in the word advanced settings to "keep text only" in "pasting from other programs".

However, this misses some of the required formatting in references (underline/italic/bold for titles, some letters are even not capitalized as in the original reference).

I disabled all MS-Word add-ins but the issue still persists (only paste as text keeps the right order).

The copy and paste is working just fine in other editing software (such as libre office writer). When I re-paste from libre office to word, the formatting and letters order are kept right. So I believe the issue is specific to Citavi and MS-Word. I am attaching an image to illustrate the issue.


Thanks again for your help.

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Hi Al,

I mean, it's not a good idea to paste the sources from your projects into Word via the clipboard. Here is why:

  1. The pasted literature does not appear automatically in the bibliography.
  2. The rules given by the citation style for repeated citation of a specific reference or author can't be applied.

It is also not necessary to proceed the way you do. You can also switch between different projects using the Word add-in:


You have to copy all references that you insert from different projects into your Word document into a single project at the latest at the end. This can also be done via the Word Add-in:


If you don't do that, the Word add-in can't check if you are citing the same author or the same reference.

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Many thanks dear Lee for the enlightening and rapid reply, I will follow your suggested routine as it is much better.

I was not aware of being able to copy references from document to citavi project. It will be more practical If this option can also copy the related knowledge items to the new project or keep a link within each reference to the original project (and its knowledge items).

Still, the current solution you suggested is more than enough for many purposes.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

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