QSR International acquisition and future of current Citavi users

Al G. shared this question 7 months ago

Dear, highly respected, Citavi team,

Hope this post finds you well and safe

I followed your recent announcement of QSR International acquisition of Citavi with quite anxiousness. I had a very negative experience when Cengage acquired Questia e-library, promising users of continuous and better development. After few years, the real result was sudden announcement of closing Questia and nullifying all current subscriptions including life-time ones. This happened without providing any compensation or proper time for any arrangements.

Of course I hope your Citavi experience with QSR international to be much more better but just in the case of QSR changing the model of subscription or any similar scenarios: Will it still be possible for current Citavi users to log in to their cloud and local programs? This is much more grave than losing access to e-sources as the highlights, knowledge items, classification system, etc.. are all available for subscribers who are able to access Citavi properly.

This question may not be of much concern for previous versions local versions of Citavi, but current Citavi 6 sometime requires online login and authentication even before accessing local projects.

Sorry for these worries and hope you all the best as you deserve more

Best regards and wishes,


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Hi Al,

Thank you for your message.

I understand that you’ve had bad experiences with other acquisitions. That’s a pity!

However, we will continue to support, maintain, and enhance Citavi as we always have, with the same experienced and engaged team. Of course, the access to your Cloud projects and to your licenses won’t be affected in any way.

Best regards,

Hans Siem Schweiger


Thanks dear Hans for the comforting response.

Best wishes and regards,


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