How to insert ONLY the page number after a citation?

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I'm working with APA 6th in Spanish, where you need a type of citation like this:

According to Smith (2016):

"Lorem Ipsum etc etc etc" (p. 123)

My question is: How do I insert ONLY that page number after the citation with the Citavi Word Add-In?

Any help appreciated!

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to "split" citations, to receive an output of the pages separated from author and year or to insert only the pages. The request for this function is already on our internal list, but we can not yet say when this will be implemented.

There are two ways to receive the output you wish:

1. You insert author and year "Smith (2016)" by using the option "Insert advanced" > "Person (Year)" via Citavis Word Add-In and add the pages "(p. 123)" manually after the citation.

2. You create a new template within the citation style, containing only the pages that can be selected in Word as needed.

Problem: the APA-Style is very complex, with numerous document types and many pre-existing templates and conditions. Therefore, the adjustment would not be easy or quickly feasible.

I would therefore advise, even if the procedure is not optimal, the solution mentioned under 1.

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