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Feng-Kun G. shared this idea 2 years ago
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First of all, I really appreciate this wonderful software.

I wonder whether it is possible to show the reference list cited in a paper alongside the preview window. Such a feature would be helpful, in particular, when we encounter a numbered reference cited in the text we might want to check the information of that paper, or even want to download it. Currently, it is not very convenient.

For papers with hyperlinked references, we can click the ref. number to jump to the location of the cited ref. information, but then we need to scroll back to the original location to continue reading.

For papers without hyperlinks, that is even more inconvenient.

Maybe the list of cited refs. can be shown in the pane of, e.g., "context"? Not sure whether that is technically possible, but maybe the list can be gathered from the webpage linked through doi? When using Citavi picker, we do get an option of displaying all the cited references. so it seems possible.

Thank you.

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I've added a feature request to our internal wish list to make a vertical split available in the preview pane. This would allow to display the article text in the upper part and the list of references in the lower part. I can't say, though, if or when we can implement this feature.

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Thank you! That would be wonderful if it comes.


I agree! this would be very helpful!!

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