Citavi 6.8 crashes when opening a project

Nikolai B. shared this problem 18 months ago

I just upgraded to Citavi 6.8. Similar to other users Citavi started to crash when opening any JumpToLastPositionAfterActionExecutionAddonproject. I noted that you have advised other users to deactivate the "PDFThumbnailAddon" addon. I do not have that addon, just "JumpToLastPositionAfterActionExecutionAddon". When I deactivated it, Citavi 6.8 started to work normally.

It seems that there is a general issue with how Citavi 6.8 handles addons. Could you look at it as the addons provide very useful features.

Thank you in advance

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Ni Nikolai,

The external add-on does not work with the current version 6.8. The developer has already been let know. Until there is a new version, you have to remove it from the add-on directory.

Kind regards


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