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José G. shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi everybody,

Cross-project interaction has been a fairly common topic proposed by other users (feel free to check them)

However this begs the question if implementing cross-project features the would bypass free account limitations? and might this be delaying such ideas?

Regardless, I would propose more simpler/short termed features:

  • Syncing list of keywords, categories and groups between projects (since import/export tools already exist)
  • Mother/Hub project. essentially have a project that collects/links knowledge items and (in the future) references without physically importing them. (Automatic Sync could be customizable based on user's keywords or ref. parameters)

Best Regards,


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Hi, José

Thank you for your ideas, I've added them to our internal wishlist.

Unfortunately, these ideas are not necessarily technologically simpler than farther-reaching multi-project approaches. With all these syncing features the devil is in the details:

* How do multi-user projects integrate in such a framework?

* Is it possible to this with local, Citavi Cloud and Citavi for DBServer projects?

* How are conflicts handled?

* ...

While we strive for an overarching solution for this popular feature request, I currently can't say when Citavi will move forward in that direction.

I'm sorry that I can't give you a more concrete response.

Best regards


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