Citation Style Component: Autoformat Double Quotation Marks in Titles

Atiba P. shared this idea 2 years ago

There are many journal articles that include a quote in their title (such as: "To Be or Not to Be": Ideas of Existence in Shakespeare's Hamlet). In typical U.S. usage, the article's formal title would have double-quotation marks around the quote, but if you are citing it in another book or article you would convert the double-quotation marks to single-quotation marks, e.g. "'To Be or Not to Be': Ideas of Existence in Shakespeare's Hamlet." It would be neat to have a journal article component which wraps double quotation marks around article titles (as the "Title: Subtitle" component currently does in the CMOS citation styles, for example) but which in addition looks for double-quotation marks within titles and subtitles and automatically converts them to single-quotation marks.

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Dear Atiba,

Thanks for your suggestion!

I have now created a citation style script (COT037: Script / description, in German only) that you can add to your title (or other text field) components of your style.

We explain here in our manual how to edit citation styles and how to add a script to a component.

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