Installing Citavi on a new windows profile, the same PC

ElSayed M. shared this question 11 days ago


I created a new windows profile on my PC. There is a problem with my old one. I want to know how to move my Citavi files to the new profile. I work with local projects, but the attachments are saved on my OneDrive (connected to the PC). Also, my user files are saved on OneDrive (Tools > Options > Folders > User files).

I am not sure if the steps regarding "moving to a new computer" are helpful. I am afraid to corrupt my files while moving them!

Please advise me further.

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Hi, ElSayed

You can safely follow the procedure from the manual as I expect that made use that you've already made use of the "variables" feature for the Attachments path.

As you will be making copies of your original files, there is absolutely no need to worry about losing any data.

If the PDF files do not appear automatically after having moved the files to the new computer, please click Files > This projects > Attachments and specifiy the path by using the %OneDrive% variable.

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