Microsoft Onedrive the only way to collaborate in teams? No free/libre software possible?

Francesco R. shared this question 10 months ago
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I will soon start a research project with more that 4 team members. For various reasons, the team is committed to free/libre software. It will already be difficult to convince the team members to work with proprietary software such as Citavi.

My questions concerns collaborative writing. Is Microsoft OneDrive the only truly collaborative solution for writing together on the cloud? With the rise of free/libre word processors such as collabora and onlyoffice, are there any plans for Citavi to open up to the free/libre community?

With the currrent raising awareness for academia to move away from closed software and embrace open publication and open software, it would be a welcome addition.

Since I might know the answer to my question already (there are no plans for a free/libre opening) maybe this post is more a plea to the company to think strategically in these terms for the future!

It might be the case that the threat of software pacakges like citavi won't be Endnote or Mendely, but rather Zotero once it is developped into a proper index-card solution, integrated in existing platforms and application, developped by a myriad of other developpers for other purposes, that will be able to accomplish much more than what the citavi team alone will be able to do...

I truly love Citavi and it certainly is the most advanced reference/index-card software at the moment, but I hope it will be able to open itself up to the libre community.



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Hello Francesco,

Thank you very much for your message.

Currently, you can use the Word Add-in only in MS Word. To work collaboratively, you can use any cloud storage service to save the Word file, we recommend OneDrive.

With earlier versions of Citavi, we supported Writer. However, with cloud projects in Citavi 6, we had to remove this feature for technical reasons. We are currently evaluating the need for an add-in for LibreOffice.

You can also use Citavi 6 with an Open Source TeX editor.

Kind regards,



Thanks Jana, this is what I suspected. I hope the team will consider supporting more libre options in the future!

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