In Word, how to set the style to change the serial number of reference into the number with circle

Zi shared this question 8 months ago

Hello, how to set the style in Citavi so that the citations and bibliographies in Word can be displayed in this ordered list? (the serial number is in the circle, not [1] [2] or none or bullet list),because some journals require the use of circled serial numbers to quote references.


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Hi Zi,

Thanks for your questions.

Are these "circled numbers" unicode characters? In this list, I could only find the numbers from 1 to 20:

If so, it might be possible to find a programmatic way to associate a "simple number" (such as 18, for example) to a unicode character with a glyph that shows 18 inside a circle. In the worst case, this "programmatic way" could be a huge "select ... case" or "if ... then ... elseif ... " structure mapping "simple numbers" with "circled numbers unicode characters".

In Citavi's citation style editor it is theoretically possible to attach a script to the "Index in bibliography" field element that could output the desired "circled numbers unicode characters" instead of simple numbers. Since this seems to be some kind of "edge case" to us (it has not been asked for so far), we can only give you some hints in the right direction but not program this for you.

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