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Pierre-Olivier F. shared this idea 2 years ago


Thank you for Citavi. It is very useful for me and really the only software I found that answers so much of my research need.

I'd like to suggest several enhancements for the reference editor.

For context, I am working on a knowledge base on a rather complex topic (breadmaking). I am not an academic, I use Citavi exclusively for knowledge management with a clear link to the knowledge source.

As such, I read references on the topic and create quotations in Citavi. While I am building the knowledge base (importing the quotations into Citavi and tagging them), I spend a lot of time in the Reference Editor.

As such, I would like to suggest :

1) That in the Quotation tab, there be an option for quotations to be displayed alphabetically by core statement.

Some of my references have more than 300 quotations, and sometimes I need to find back a specific one to add to it, and it can be hard using search.

2) That there might be a way to filter the quotations in the Quotations Tab by keyword. For those same reasons as 1), I would like sometimes to see all that a reference has to say about a certain topic. I have found a partial workaround in the Knowledge tab, by filtering on keyword and then on author, but it would be nice to be able to do it in the Reference Editor

3) In the Reference list, I would like to have the ability to reduce References entries to a single line (the title). As my reference count approaches 100, I would like to have an easier overview, and author and date / reference type are not crucial to me.

I am aware that my use case is probably limited, and that the Citavi team is focused on the web version. But I believe these might be useful additions to Citavi eventually.

Thanks and have a nice day,


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Dear Pierre-Olivier,

Thank you very much for your suggestions, which I will gladly respond to:

1. Sorting core statements alphabetically is, so far, only possible for the "Knowledge"-section in general:

Your wish to make the sorting available within the quotations-tab for each reference has been added to our internal wish-list.

2. We have added your wish for a search option within the quotations-tab as well.

3. This wish (to customize the information in the references list) has reached us before and is already on our internal wish-list.

Thank you for understanding that we have limited development capacity. Nevertheless are we always trying to improve Citavi and are therefore grateful for such hints.

Best regards,


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