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How to add the "insert advanced" filed under the "citation" tap? If I already added a reference in the word file, and I want to add a prefix for example, I need to re-add it through the "Insert advanced" after selecting a reference and delete the reference under "citation". How can I add the "advanced options" under "year only, person only, etc options"? Please see the attached photo.

I also moved the Citavi pane by mistake!! It became floating all over the screen while writing. Selecting "move" or "resize" options doesn't fixate it. How to fixate it as it was?!


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Hi ElSayed,

Thank you for your question.

We explain here how to change the position of the Citavi pane in Word.

The "insert advanced" options are not available on the "Citations" tab. There, you will see your already inserted references and can edit them (please see video).

To change an already inserted "(Author Year)" reference to "Author (Year)" in APA, please select "Format using option 1" on the bottom of the "Citations" pane:


If you do not see the options, please resize the pane in Word.

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