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Christian L. shared this idea 2 years ago

Is it possible to have a quotation identifyer (which could be generated also using the Bib Key) per quotation ?

Background is I am now starting to plan my book in a mix of Tex and a mindmapping tool, and the mindmap is getting larger. Now with Author + page number that narrows it down, but it would be really useful to be able just to drag a Citavi Quotation key into the mindmap with the quote or an excerpt of a full quote, and then be able to really easy find it again.

PS: My Citavi File currently is 70 MB and about 4000 items...

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Hi, Christian

Currently this isn't possible due to Citavi's data structure. Knowledge items simply lack a field to store such an externally usable identifier in. Could you elaborate a little further what you would like such an identifier to look like? BibTeX key plus ...? This will help me to file a feature request for one of the future versions of Citavi. Thank you.

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