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Christian L. shared this question 2 years ago
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There is a suggestion in Citavi to use the Windows general settings to make the font larger or smaller. But I do not want to fiddle with general Windows settings just for one program.

Couldnt there be a zoom view function for Citavi just like in Word ? Where you set all items in Citavi to e.g. 80 % ? or to 120 % if you are using a 4k Screen ?

Additionally / or Optionally if you had a master adjust for all knowledge items to e.g. change a font on all texts (not just future ones) that would work too.

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your suggestion.

If you do not want to change your Windows settings, you could use the magnifier in Windows.

With this macro you can change the font size of existing knowledge item. We explain here how to run a macro in Citavi.

Important: Back up the project before running a macro on it.

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