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Yannick K. shared this idea 2 years ago


I have some expierence in creating my own citation styles with Citavi. From time to time I use LaTeX to typeset longer documents (like my dissertation). I always used Word for writing my LaTeX files (i.e. the body of text of each chapter). Having to write out each command for quotations is ok but I think it can be done better -- here Citavi comes into play. Like when writing a 'normal' Word Doc, I would like to use the add-in to create citations that are interpretable by biblatex. Major advantage: it is more convenient -- and if I want to print a readable version, I can just chose another stlye and have a more or less readable doc with fewer commands.

I experimented a bit and managed to create a simple citavi style that can handle the command


as well as


However I encounter some problems, which I hope to find answers for here:

  1. The prefix of cites with the add-in do not appear to be a valid component in citation styles. When I use the addin to insert a reference and set a prefix (i.e.: cf.) this can not be inserted in the first brackets. Is it possible to get a component that can be inserted in the first pair of brackets that 'transports' any content of prefix?
  2. I failed to implement the \textcite command that -- like parencite -- creates an reference that consists of author and year and looks like: Smith (2020) ... Citavi has the option to insert this style via addin however it creates two references (one for the name one for the year).
  3. Multiple references like (Author 1 2020, 22; Author 2 2019, 1; Author 3, 2020) can be realised with \parencites[][22]{key1}[][1]{key2}[][]{key3}. The citavi addin however creates three single references and each one is introduced by \parencites. How can I change the beahavior of the style when citing multiple sources?

I am looking forward to your input and hope this little project is helpful for others as well -- I am glad to share my results!

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Hi, Yannick

Thank you for sharing this project with us. From our experience the number of users who write their LaTeX files with Microsoft Word is very very small as it lacks almost all comfort provided by modern text editors (auto completion of commands and also the content of bib files, syntax highlighting, ...). We're happy if your project proves useful to other users but please accept that as Citavi Support we'll neither support nor endorse such a citation style.

By the way, Citavi also has an assistant for creating LaTeX citations in many editors:

Best regards


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