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Elin D. shared this idea 4 months ago

I would like to be able to link references. Book A might reference Book B and Article C. I would like to be able to select from other references in my library and link these as 'Related readings'.

There is also a potential for Citavi to discover (especially when a citation is fetched form a web-page) which other references are in this article's bibliography, and suggest those that exist as 'Related readings', or suggest to add missing ones.

If this is implemented, it would be possible to display this as a network diagram, perhaps configurable in various ways, such as weighted nodes, shortest paths etc. Much like Qiqqa does: Qiqqa

I miss having a graphical interface on top of my Citavi data....a Dashboard of sorts.

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you might use the "Links"-function within the "Context"-column. This way you link related references, including specific pages or chapters.


But of course, this function is not that much detailed and is missing an opportunity for graphic display. Options for visualization are already on our internal wishlist for future versions of Citavi.

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