How to input reference data for books on Kindle?

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It's not clear to me how one should input the reference data for a book on Kindle or other e-book.

First, I assume that the Reference Type is "Book" or other typical reference type (I don't see any reference type for Kindle or other e-book).

Kindle frequently does not provide page numbers but location numbers instead. Should those be input and, if so, how?

Should the "Edition" field be filled out as "Kindle edition"? Or should one insert "Kindle edition" in the "Medium" field or perhaps somewhere else?

Perhaps a good comprehensive explanation of the best way to handle all details of a Kindle or other e-book would be good.

Thanks in advance for your good support, as always!

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There is no special reference type for ebooks or Kindle in Citavi. As you mentioned, you might use the reference type "Book" and add an online address or DOI-number.

If page numbers are not provided by Kindle, you might use the location numbers instead. It is already on our internal to-do list to add a number format "position" for Kindle.

For now, you might use the "page range / page count"-field and add "position" manually or adjust the selected citation style. Make sure to use a citation style that displays the page numbers.

You might use the field "Subtitle" to point out that it is a "Kindle edition", if the "Edition"-field is used for other information.

It is always difficult to make recommendations for "the best way" to handle things, because everyone has individual preferences or specifications that need to be met. But you are right, there is not much information on how to handle Kindle ebooks so far. I am going to discuss this with my colleagues.

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