Can macros be triggered by events?

Victoria S. shared this question 12 months ago

I created a macro, heavily based on one or two of the preset macros, that formats my reference titles and authors the way I need them. Unfortunately, opening up the macro editor to run it every time I import a new reference or set of references tends to interrupt my workflow. Is there a way to configure my macro to run automatically whenever a new reference is added to my project?

I attached the macro I'm using, just in case. This is more of a general question, though, as I can think of several possible applications.

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Hi Victoria

Thank you for your question. Citavi macros can only be triggered manually (either directly in the macro editor) or using this addon. Event based triggers can be realized with addons, but we currently don't have any up-to-date documentation on how to create such add-ons. They need to be created using Visual Studio (the Community Edition suffices). If all you need is some sample code, I'd like to point you to Daniel Lutz's Github repository.

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