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Hope this mail finds you well.

I have collected multiple ideas and bugs and listed them below. Sorry in advance if my bad English writing confuses you.


1. add a "return to previous/next view" feature, similar to the "return to the previous/next view" feature in Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader with shortcut Alt+Left Arrow/Right Arrow. This feature is very useful when, for example, clicking a hyperlink (tables, figures, etc.) and want to jump back later on to the previous page. It is now quite frustrating to jump between pages in Citavi without this feature, because I have to either scroll the wheel of mouse or type page number manually if I remember the exact page number (normally I don't). It seems that there has been an add-on developed by Daniel Lutz, but I can't find it anymore in his Git repository. Hope this useful feature could be built into Citavi soon.

2. add a "Show Mini Toolbar on selection" feature and provide an option to turn this feature off. This is very useful when reading and marking article in Citavi so that user does not need to (i) move the cursor to the top to click corresponding annotation tool or (ii) activate annotation tool by typing the corresponding shortcut, which is cumbersome if the input method in use is not English, the user will have to switch to English first, type the shortcut and switch back, quite frustrating. Word and Adobe Reader both have this feature provided. I wrote some scripts via an automation software I use to approximate this feature (see the latter part of the gif attached), but again, a built-in feature would be the best option.

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Word 0db9ee1461a745d38f61f32191195f66

3. enhance the task-related feature.

- provide Gantt chart feature

- add "start Citavi on system startup" to the option, so that user can use Citavi as a task manager and don't need to manually start it every time after startup

- add "skip login" to the option, so that the auto-start experience of Citavi would be more smooth if user prefers to work with local projects.

- provide a global shortcut to activate the main window of Citavi, so that user can add task/idea or do whatever operation they want at any time by using this shortcut.


1. when pasting content into the text area of the annotation pop-up and there is no text there, a linebreak will be automatically added to the end of pasted content

2. the shortcut of Thought (Ctrl+I for text and Ctrl+Shift+I for image and file) does not work in the full-screen preview

I understand that Citavi web is the overarching goal now, but some of the foregoing ideas, if implemented, will also be a boon to the user experience with the web version. Hope this post could resonate positively.

Thank you.



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Hello Yujun,

Thank you very much for your detailed suggestions and your video. And please excuse the late response.

Idea 1: The Add-on you mentioned (JumpToLastPositionAfterActionExecutionAddon) has moved to another repository. You will find the Zip-file attached.

Idea 2: "Show Mini Toolbar on selection" > I am going to pass this suggestion to our developers and add it to our internal wishlist.

Idea 3: I am going to add the Gantt chart feature, the global shortcut for Citavi and the possibility to start Citavi on system startup to our wishlist as well.

Actually, there is a way to "skip login". You would need to check/change the status within the registry. Please make sure Citavi is closed.

  • On a 64-bit computer:: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 6\AdminSettings
  • On a 32-bit computer:: HKLM\Software\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 6\AdminSettings

If the key "SkipLoginWindow" with the value "true" is entered, the display of the login window is disabled. So, you would have to create the "folder" (=key) called "AdminSettings" and insert a new entry "DWORD (32-bit) Value" (REG_DWORD) called "SkipLoginWindow", which you assign the value 1 (Based on = hexadecimal).

This is way to complicated for most of our customers, so I am going to pass the wish for an easier option to prevent the login screen from showing up to our developers as well.

Bug 1: I was able to reproduce this and will pass this to our developers to be fixed. Thank you.

Bug 2: Could you please specify what you mean: "in the full-screen preview"? The shortcut worked in any screen I tried.

Thank you very much for your effort!

Best regards,


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