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Hi! Some time ago, I created a Word document associated with a Citavi 5 project. All citations with hyperlinks and the reference list looked just fine. Now I re-opened this doc file and I am in the process of updating it with new text and citations. Under this purpose, I have imported new references to the same Citavi project and inserted the corresponding citations in the old Word file. However, a totally new reference list has been created at the end of the document including the recently-imported publications. Now I have two reference lists which I am not able to combine. Also, it seems that the first (former) list has lost its format. I mean, the text does not have the gray highlight as usual. In contrast, the second (new) list has it. When clicking to the "refresh" option of the Word Add-In, there is no change. What should I do to have an integrated reference list with the old and new citations? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi Andrea,

Thank you for your question.

In case you do not see your previous references on the "Citations" tab of the Word Add-in, they have been (accidentally) converted to plain text. We have covered your question in this video.

Please restore a backup of your Word document in which the fields are still active.

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