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I know that the correct procedure is to add an Edited Book first, then add specific chapters as Contributions. However, life doesn't always work that way. For example, I'll find and download an article and its reference info will be downloaded with it. After doing so, I'll then find out that it is part of an Edited Book. I cannot find an easy way to add the Edited Book as the Parent Reference. When I do, I have to add the article as a contribution, but Citavi then makes a second copy of the Article Reference, requiring me to go back and delete the extra.

This process is time consuming and aggravating. Any suggestions or guidance?

By the way, my opinion is that overall Citavi is a fantastic product. I wish that it had been around 45 years ago when I was getting started!

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I am afraid the "fastest" way would be this:

  1. Add the Edited Book, that should become the Parent Reference (e.g. by ISBN, if available).
  2. Select the article that is already in your project, and change the Reference type to "Contribution in" by clicking on the blue Reference Type.
  3. At the "In:"-field, select the Edited Book the article is part of.


This way you still have to add the Parent Reference manually, but there is no need to delete any extra references. I hope this will help and thank you very much for your positive feedback on citavi!

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