Book is listed as e-book when it really isn't...

Virginia K. shared this question 13 months ago
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Hello dear citavi-team,

I have a problem when citing a specific item with the ISBN number 3-88619-383-7: as soon as I put the ISBN in to find the title, it is listed automatically as e-book, although I looked at all the information unter "title" (German version: "Titel") and I cannot find anything that I could delete in order to have it listed as a normal book (which it is...).

Could you tell me what to do? Or is it a problem with the ISBN itself?

My best, and thanks in advance:


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Hello Virginia

You will probably have a link in the "Companion website" ("Beigabe im Internet") field. You have also chosen a citation style that checks if this field is filled. If so, it adds the addition "ebook". Two possible solutions: (a) delete the content of the field "Companion website" ("Beigabe im Internet") or (b) edit or change the citation style.



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