You are using Office 2010 Starter (Click-to-Run)

You are using Office 2010 Click-to-Run or Office 2010 Starter. Citavi cannot work with these versions because they do not support "out-of-process applications" (such as Citavi).

Office 2013 Click-to-Run can be used with Citavi.


  1. Locate the 25 character product key for your Office installation. Usually this can be found on the box, on your receipt, in the confirmation email for your purchase, or as a sticker on the bottom of your laptop.
  2. Download the full version of Office 2010 from the Microsoft website (download Office backup). You may want to copy the Setup file to a DVD and keep the product key with the DVD.
  3. Uninstall Office 2010 Click-to-Run. Click here for instructions.
  4. Install the full version of Office 2010. Please note that if you were using Office 2010 Starter, you will need to obtain a Product Key Card to use the full version.
  5. Download and install Citavi again.
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