Working with a project on multiple computers


I use Citavi on multiple computers. How can I make sure that I always have the latest version of my project with me?


With Citavi 6 you can save your project online.

If you don't want to save your project online, you have the following options:

Convenient, but risky: Your project lives on a USB flash drive:
You can keep the project on a USB flash drive, and run the project directly from it. The downsides are that USB flash drives are typically slower than your hard disk, so opening and saving the project will take a little longer. But the big disadvantage is that a USB flash drive is very easy to lose!

If you choose this method, we recommend that you regularly back up the project to another disk (for example, to one of the computers you use regularly).

Safe, but less convenient: Use a USB flash drive for transportation:
You can also use a USB flash drive to transport your project between computers. This way, there is always a copy of the project on the hard disk of every computer you use, so if you lose the USB flash drive, you lose no more than one session of work.

When you finish working on one computer, you save the project and then copy it to the USB flash drive. On the other computer, you copy the project from the USB flash drive to the hard disk, and then run the copy from the hard disk. After you finish, you copy the file back to the USB flash drive, replacing the old copy that was on it.

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