Why can't Citavi find article information for a DOI?


You entered a DOI number (for example, 10.1016/S0099-1333(02)00283-5) using the ISBN, DOI, PMID feature (see our manual) or by clicking the Picker symbol next to a DOI address in your browser.

Instead of adding the bibliographic information, Citavi displays the error message "No results found for the given criteria." This can happen if the DOI was created by a service that Citavi does not yet use for this feature.


Citavi searches for DOI addresses using the CrossRef and DataCite services (CrossRef is a registration agency for the International DOI Foundation). Publishers give CrossRef the URL under which an article was published and the bibliographic information for the article. CrossRef then assigns a unique and permanent DOI address to each article. 

In some cases, the DOI address functions only as a link and no corresponding metadata is available in CrossRef. You double check by performing a DOI query on the CrossRef website:

If you want to learn more about DOI addresses and CrossRef, we recommend the FastFacts webpage.

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