What if the citation style I need is not available in Citavi?


You need a citation style for a particular journal that is not already available in Citavi.


The Citavi team will gladly create a citation style for you! Please note the following:

  1. The citation style must be the official style of a periodical or publisher.
  2. Author guidelines must be available.
  3. The style is for the current Citavi version

If the style fulfills these requirements, please request it using our online form. We'll create up to two citation styles for you at no charge as long as you have a license key for Citavi and do not need the style within three days (see "Express Service" below).

Express Service

If you need a citation style within three days, you can use our express service for $240 (€180).

To use the express service, select this option in the online form. A member of the Citavi Team will check whether or not it is possible to create the style within this amount of time. Once you have received a confirmation message from us, you can expect the style within three business days. We will send you an email once the style is available.

You can also use the express service to request styles if you already requested two free styles in the past.

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