"The webpage cannot be found - HTTP 400"

Instead of the login window, you only see this warning:

The webpage cannot be found - HTTP 400

Most likely causes:

  • There might be a typing error in the address.
  • If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

What you can try:

  • Retype the address.
  • Go back to the previous page.
  • Go to and look for the information you want.


The browser cache in Internet Explorer is preventing Citavi from loading the login page correctly.


  1. In Windows click Search.
  2. Enter Internet Options.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. In the Browsing history section, click Delete.
  5. Enable the checkboxes for at least one of the following:
    • Temporary Internet files and website files
    • Cookies and website data
    • History
  6. Click Delete.
  7. Click OK
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