The settings for the system time on your computer are incorrect

If after trying to log in all you see is a spinning circle or are redirected to our manual, please check the system time on your computer:

  1. Right-click the time or date in the Windows taskbar.
  2. Select Adjust date/time.
  3. If you see the message "Some settings are managed by your organization" contact the person who set up your computer or your system administrator.
  4. Select the correct zone setting under Time zone.
  5. Turn on the Adjust for daylight saving time automatically toggle switch.
  6. Does the time displayed still differ from the correct time by more five minutes, correct it: Under Date and time click Change.
  7. Change the time so that it is correct.
  8. In the left panel, select Region and check that the correct location is selected.

Technical background: When you register for a Citavi Account the license server sends a token with a Universal Time time stamp. Your computer then checks if the token is within 5 minutes of your system time. If not, you'll see a spinning circle and be unable to continue logging in to your account.

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