The Picker for Edge is missing

The Citavi Picker does not appear in Microsoft Edge.

Possible causes

1. You're using an older version of Microsoft Edge that is not based on Chromium.

2. You're using a version prior to Citavi 6.5.

3. You installed Citavi before installing Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Solution 1

  1. Install any missing Windows updates or directly install Edge Chromium.
  2. Repair your Citavi installation to install the Picker for Edge.

Solution 2

Install the update to the current version of Citavi (Download).

Solution 3

Add the Picker for Edge via the Edge Add-ons store.

  1. Start Edge.
  2. Open the Citavi Picker page in the Edge Add-ons store and click "Get" to get the current release version of the Picker.
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