The Word Add-In at a glance

Select your citation style in the Citavi Word Add-In

Even if you already selected a citation style in your Citavi project, you will still need to select the citation style in Word (see screenshot). Otherwise, the formatting will not be applied.

Pick a citation method before you start writing

Before you insert your first citation, decide whether you want to use an in-text citation style or a style that uses footnotes. See our citation type overview.

Do not alter fields inserted by the Word Add-In

If you want to enter page numbers, select the reference in Citavi's Word Add-In and click Insert advanced. Enter the page numbers in the Page name field. Always enter the entire page range to ensure that citation style formatting is applied correctly.

Make changes to source information in your Citavi project. Learn more.

Read the Getting Started Guide

If you're new to Citavi, we recommend also taking a look at the Getting Started Guide for a quick overview of the entire program.

In case of problems

If Citavi's Word Add-In does not appear in Word, first try the solutions in this FAQ article. If Citavi's Word Add-In is visible but can't be used, follow the steps in this FAQ article.

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