Switching to Citavi 6

Before making the switch to Citavi 6, learn about what's new and what's changed. A step-by-step upgrade guide is provided for you in our manual

Please note that Citavi 6 no longer supports placeholders, such as {Miller 1997 #84: 12d}, to insert references:

You own a license for an earlier Citavi version and are eligible for a discount

Purchase your license via the upgrade page in our shop.

Your organization has purchased a site license and you are eligible for a free upgrade

Most participating educational institutions and companies have already unlocked Citavi 6 for their members. You can switch to Citavi 6, if your organization is listed here without the [Citavi 5] designation. 

You do not have to enter your license data

Log in to Citavi 6 with your account information. Citavi will recognize whether you have a valid license for Citavi 6.

Upon logging in, you are given the option to stay logged in. This is only recommended if you are the sole user of your computer. The license data is stored on your computer for no longer than a year. You will then have to log in to Citavi with an active internet connection to confirm your license.

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