Switching from Reference Manager to Citavi


You previously were using Reference Manager. Since Reference Manager is no longer being developed or supported, you want to switch to Citavi.


Import your Reference Manager library into Citavi. Please make sure to use the special import filter Reference Manager (via RIS-Export). See our online manual for more information.

Did you create your own fields in Reference Manager or enter information in fields other than for what they were intended? Please contact us before importing your library.

You can continue working on RefMan team projects with Citavi. Small teams can use Citavi for Windows, while larger teams may prefer working with Citavi for DBServer. See our online manual for additional information.

Word documents created with Reference Manager can be continued using Citavi's Word Add-In. In the Word Add-In on the Convert menu, select Convert EndNote or Reference Manager fields to Citavi fields. This video shows how.

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