Problems with Login in Citavi for Windows (Versions 6.10 and 6.11)

To display the login window, Citavi for Windows uses the default web browser as set in Windows. 

If the window does not display correctly or if logging into the desktop application does not work, the following steps will usually help. Note that the default web browser may not be the program you normally work with. 

Option 1: Delete cookies

If the login page does not display correctly, it may be due to outdated cookies or the browser cache.


  1. Click on the lock icon 🔓 in the address bar and select Delete cookies and website data.
  2. Confirm with Remove.
  3. Close Firefox and Citavi, restart Citavi and try to log in again.


  1. Click on the lock icon 🔓 in the address bar and select Website Settings
  2. Click on Delete data.
  3. Close Chrome/Edge and Citavi, restart Citavi, and try to log in again.

Option 2: Change default web browser (Windows 10)

  1. Close Citavi
  2. Click on the Windows Start menu and type Default Apps
  3. Select Default apps from the search results.
  4. Click on the entry below Web Browser and select a different web browser. 
  5. Restart Citavi and try to log in.

At the time of writing (April, 2022), some users report that these solutions do not help. The reason for this is an URL that is too long to be processed correctly by chromium based browsers like Edge and Chrome.


  1. Install version Citavi beta or later
  2. Delete cookies and webside data
  3. Log into
  4. Log in on the welcome screen of Citavi 6.11.2 beta
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