My citation style does not correspond to the style guidelines


The citation style you are using does not correspond to the official style guidelines.


Please let us know about the error. We will correct the problem as soon as we can for all users.

Technical Background

Citation styles can change, for example when a publisher changes its author guidelines, or if a user points out an error in a style. Whenever you select a citation style in Citavi for the first time, it is downloaded from our servers and saved on your computer. When we make any changes to a style, the new version is automatically downloaded to your computer the next time you start Citavi (provided you're connected to the Internet).

If you need to make sure a style you use never changes in any way, you can simply make a copy of it. On the Citation menu, point to Citation style and click Edit citation style. If you haven't already added the style, click Find and add style. Select the style you want to copy, then click Edit. Change the name if you want. Then simply close the Citation Style Editor.

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