More than 100 references in Citavi Free - what happens now?

Citavi Free has the complete functionality of Citavi for Windows, with one limitation: you cannot save if you have more than 100 references in all open projects. Existing data will never be lost.

Just as in Citavi for Windows, you can create as many projects as you want. This means that if you have a single project, you can only save 100 references in it. If you work with multiple projects, you can only save if there are no more than 100 references in all the projects you have open at the same time.

Citavi Free will open larger projects as a reader, even multiple large projects at once.

If you have reached the 100 reference limit and need to add more references, you must upgrade to Citavi for Windows:

You can purchase a license to Citavi for Windows in our online store, which is then sent to you by email. You can then unlock Citavi Free into Citavi for Windows and resume working.

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