Missing Features in Citavi Web

The following features from Citavi for Windows are not currently included in Citavi Web:

Online search and searching within projects

  • Subscription databases are not yet available for the online search
  • Search results are limited to 1000 references or less
  • Location search
  • Advanced search
  • Saved searches
  • User-defined sorting in the project

Adding information

  • Automatic recognition of author genders

Editing data

  • iPad or Android tablet support
  • Deleting of unused entries in lists (for example, persons and organizations, keywords, etc.)
  • One-click adding of quotation marks to knowledge items
  • Copying of formatted bibliography entries to the Clipboard
  • Adding links between references ("Context" tab)
  • Displaying of duplicates
  • Adding missing bibliographic information via identifier (ISBN, DOI or PubMed-ID)


  • Adding a task for multiple references at once
  • Printing a task list

 Working with PDF files

  • Searching for full-text
  • Saving highlights from imported PDFs as knowledge items
  • Saving of image quotations
  • Adding a task to a text section
  • Adding PDF files with the Picker for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader

Adding quotations

  • Entering a table in a quotation
  • Automatic sorting of knowledge items in the Knowledge Organizer

Importing and exporting

  • Creating an annotated project bibliography with additional content (abstracts, knowledge items, etc.)
  • Exporting references in Excel format

Views and other features

  • Table view
  • The feature "Show current reference in citation style".
  • Creating grouping definitions
  • Creating a selection of references cited in a Word document
  • The Citation Style Editor [not planned for Citavi Web]
  • Add-ons [not planned for Citavi Web]
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