Citavi Space: Limit exceeded

What has happened?

Citavi Space is your storage space for attachments including the PDF files you imported in your project in the Citavi Cloud. Typically, your Citavi license includes a certain quota,and you may have purchased additional Citavi Space licenses. You may encounter Citavi Space issues when you try to upload a file that exceeded the allocated storage quota or when the purchased licenses have expired.

Where can I check?

Go to the Citavi Space overview in your Citavi account to see your current allocated quota and how much space is used by each of your projects. To check your license expiry status, go to your Citavi Account.

How is Citavi Space consumed?

Citavi Space is consumed by attachments uploaded to Citavi Cloud projects via Citavi for Windows or Citavi Web. Bibliographic data or web links do not count against storage space.

Citavi Space is always taken from the quota of the project owner. If you only collaborate in a project as an author or manager, you need to contact the project owner for resolution.

What can I do now?

If your license is through your university or organization, please check, if all your licenses are confirmed. Once confirmed, you can either purchase additional Citavi Space or remove some or all of your files.

If you have an individual license, you can either purchase additional Citavi Space or remove some or all of your files.

What is a confirmed license?

If a site license is renewed, the new license is placed into your user account. However, you have to confirm that you still belong to the institution, either by logging in, or by clicking on an email link sent to your institutional email, or by a specific confirmation process. Until you confirm, the license remains inactive. Once confirmed, the license and the included space are activated.

Activating unconfirmed licenses

If you find licenses in your Citavi Account which have not yet been confirmed, follow the steps shown in the right hand pane for this license. Citavi licenses acquired through a university site license always include a Citavi Space quota.

Buying more Citavi Space

Go to your Citavi Account and click Licenses > New license > Buy license and scroll down to the Additional Citavi Space section. 

You can extend your Citavi Space quota by 5 or 50 GB.

Saving Space

If you have projects stored in the Citavi Cloud that are no longer actively used, you may want to consider deleting these projects from the Citavi Cloud. We recommend creating a local archive copy using Citavi for Windows before deleting the projects. For instructions on how to delete projects, refer to Citavi Web and Citavi for Windows.

How can I contact the project owner?

Citavi for Windows

You can show the project members by clicking File > This project > Share

Citavi Web

Click on the collaboration icon at the top right of the screen.  Names and email address of all project members are shown.

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