Data Inconsistency Problems

When opening a local project, you may receive the following message:

There is a data inconsistency that cannot be repaired automatically and that is preventing the project from being opened. 


Different tables in a project (references, keywords, categories, etc.) are connected to one another; for example, references that no longer exist in the keywords table are not allowed in the reference-keyword mapping table.

For a variety of reasons, in rare cases, inconsistencies can develop in tables' connections to one another. This can be due to errors in Citavi, but also to errors in the underlying database or a blocked file in Windows.


Please install the update to the current version of Citavi 6.4 (Download). This version can repair the inconsistencies.

If you don't have installation rights, please send the project file (just the .ctv6 database) to the Citavi Support team using our upload form. Enter "data inconsistency" in the Message box and upload the file. We will send you your repaired file no later than the next business day.

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