Creating an activity log for the Citavi Word Add-In (Citavi 5)


You're having an issue with the Word Add-In and contacted the Citavi Support team, who asked you to send a log file for the Word Add-In.


The Citavi Word Add-In includes a logging feature that is disabled by default. To enable logging in the Word Add-In and send the log file to the Citavi Support team, follow these steps:

1. On the Citavi ribbon, click About.

2. Click on the window that appears, and then press Ctrl+T.

3. Enable the Create activity log checkbox.

4. Repeat the steps that led to the error or led to unexpected results.

5. On the Citavi ribbon, click About again.

6. Click Save log.

7. Save the log file on your computer. 

8. Go to our online upload form: Click I agree.

9. Fill out the upload form.

  1. Click Add files and then select the zip file you saved in step 
  2. Click Your email and enter your email address.
  3. Enter your ticket number or the URL for your Forum post in the Message field.

10. Click Transfer.

11. Clear the Create activity log checkbox. Click Close.

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