Missing cloud project

If you don't see a cloud project on the Citavi 6 Welcome Screen there are a few possible causes.

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1) You're not logged into Citavi


Log in to see your cloud projects again.

1. On the Welcome Screen in the upper-right corner click the Login button:

2. Log in with the email address for the account the cloud project was created under.

3. On the Welcome Screen click Open project. You'll see your projects on the Cloud tab.

If you still don't see your cloud projects, you likely have multiple Citavi accounts. Log out of Citavi and then log in with the correct account information.

2) You are logged into Citavi with the wrong email address

You have more than one Citavi Account. The cloud project you're looking for is saved under a different Citavi Account than the one you are logged into.

Solution 1:

  1. On the Citavi 6 Welcome Screen, click the icon in the upper-right with your initial to log out:
  2. Log in to Citavi again with the information for your other Citavi Account. 
  3. At the bottom of the Welcome Screen, click Open project.
  4. You should see your missing project on the Cloud tab.

Solution 2:

Merge your accounts.

3) The owner of the Cloud project either deleted the project or removed you from it

You're not the owner of the project but were invited to join the cloud project. The owner either deleted the project or removed you from it. In both cases, you should have received an email notification.

Solution if the project owner deleted the project

Ask the owner to restore the deleted project. He or she has 10 days to restore the project before it is permanently deleted.

Solution if the project owner removed you from the project

Contact the project owner and ask to be added to the project again.

4) Your connection to the Citavi Cloud server is temporarily unavailable

A service that opens a connection between the desktop client and the Citavi Cloud may be operating over capacity and is temporarily unavailable.

Check the server status here.

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