Cloud project cannot be displayed or created in your browser


You have successfully logged into Citavi Web in your browser. As soon as you click to open a cloud project, a new tab with our shop page appears. In addition, the button to create a new project is missing.

Since you have been able to use the beta version of Citavi Web for free so far and may also have a (site) license for Citavi 6, you may be irritated now.


You will need a separate license for Citavi Web from now on. A license for Citavi 6 is only valid for this desktop version.

However, it is not yet clear which universities will also offer Citavi Web as part of their site license.


You can directly purchase a license in our shop, or you can first activate a thirty-day trial for Citavi Web here.

Alternatively, until you know whether your site license includes a license for Citavi Web, you can use the previous entry point: Citavi Web Beta.

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